The 7 Best Universities in the US for International Students

International students flock to US institutions to experience some of the country’s best academic possibilities. According to PIE News, new immigration data reveals that in 2022, the number of international students in the US reached 1,362,157, representing a 10% increase from the previous year, although still lower than the pre-pandemic levels of 2019.

China remained the top sending country with 324,196 students (-24,796 from 2021), followed by India, which had 64,300 more students than the previous year, South Korea, Canada, and Brazil. Nigeria sent the highest number of African students to the US.

1. New York University

International students make up 31.82% of students in NYU

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NYU enrolls more than 50,000 students from virtually every state and 133 countries. International students make up 24% of NYU’s student body. While NYU has an extensive list of over 400 academic programs for students to explore, some of their most popular programs are liberal arts and humanities, economics, business, and nursing.

Located in the heart of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, a New York City cultural center, NYU students can explore the city and immerse themselves in its abundance of art, culture, and food. Check out our university profiles to learn more about NYU.

2. Northeastern University

Northeastern university has one of the largest international students body making up 20% of total enrolments

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Northeastern University enrolled students from 148 countries in 2021. More than 15% of Northeastern’s student body consists of International Students. International students can also experience Northeastern University’s academic opportunities at the main campus and online campuses. Although most of Northeastern’s campuses are located in the US, they also have two satellite campuses in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. These campuses offer Master of Science programs.

Popular majors at Northeastern include Business, Marketing, Engineering, and Management.

3. Columbia University

Columbia is the Ivy League school with most international students enrolled

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Regarded as one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Columbia University is also one of the eight Ivy League institutions. Columbia’s diverse programs, world-class facilities, and renowned medical school draw students from over 100 countries worldwide.

Similar to NYU, Columbia’s location offers students vast opportunities and resources while supporting the academic advancement of its students. Learn more about what Columbia has to offer on our university profiles.

4. University of Southern California

USC has the largest international student body on the west coast

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USC resides in the heart of one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in the US. The university’s objective is to make higher education more affordable to families by providing more than $640 million in scholarships and grants. International students at USC experience incredible opportunities in innovation and research.

In the most recent application cycle, 16% of admitted students were international students from countries like Canada, China, and India. 30% of USC’s total student body consists of international students.

Interested in hearing from a Crimson student and his journey from Mexico to Canada and finally, to USC for Business? Read Alfonso’s story!

5. Arizona State University

Arizona State University has one of the highest international student enrollments

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Recognized as one of the most innovative universities in the US, Arizona State University (ASU) has robust online and in-person learning opportunities. ASU has one of the largest student populations, with international students from over 136 countries. The university upholds its recognition for having a highly ranked research facility and is a NASA-certified national space grant institute. ASU’s faculty also includes five Nobel laureates and seven Pulitzer Prize winners.

6. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

University of Illinois Urbana Champaign has one of the highest number of international student enrolments

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The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign seeks to create a transformative educational experience for its students. The campus is full of cultural richness and diversity, with more than 51,000 international students. UIUC offers resources like the “Illinois International” program. This unique program supports international students, collaborates with global partners, fosters an institutionally inclusive culture, and awards scholarships to international students.

7. University of California, San Diego

UCSD has one of the highest international student bodies in the US

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University of California, San Diego is another highly sought-after University of California campus with many international students. Students around the world recognize UCSD’s highly-regarded School of Medicine and Jacobs School of Engineering. 38% of UCSD’s student body consists of international students.

UCSD’s challenging, research-focused academic programs allow students to deepen their passions and understanding of their academic field. The university is also home to the most breathtaking beaches in California (another perk of studying in the US).

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