A Mother, Brutally Murdered Her Son

A most surprising incident occurred on 29 July 2021 in Sarn in South Wales of the  United Kingdom, which shocked the entire nation. A middle-aged mom named Angharad Williamsonbrutally murdered his 5-year-old son Logan Mwangi together with the assistance of his husband and a 14-year-old teenage boy.

Who’s Angharad Williamson

Angharad Williamson is 30 years previous girl arrested within the homicide case of her five-year-old son final yr. She is accused of killing her son named Logan Mwangi. This case was registered final yr and shocked the individuals all through the nation as nobody might even suppose {that a} mom might kill his son. And presently, she is positioned in Cardiff Crown Court docket, wales, the UK, together with John Cole, her husband, who’s 40 years previous and a 14 years previous boy, as all three are accused of killing the little child Logan Mwangi.

Why did Angharad Williamson Homicide Logan

From reviews, we all know that Logan lived along with his stepfather john Cole and delivery mom in Sarn in South Wales house of the uk. It’s come to listen to that Logan was affected by essentially the most contaminated viral illness, Covid-19, and his dad and mom had been annoyed from his an infection, and they didn’t have every other choices, so this made them compelled to take these steps. 

Angharad beat to demise her son Logan Mwangi who was simply 5 years previous, and her husband and a 14 years previous boy was the companion of Angharad in killing the juvenile. His dad and mom brutally beat up Logan Mwangi, and he had greater than 50 exterior wounds, famous all on his arms, legs, face, trunk, and head. 

Angharad Williamsonalong along with her husband and the unknown boy will endure a trial quickly. John Cole attended the listening to final Monday at Cardiff Crown Court docket of UK, and Caroline Rees QC is the prosecutor on this case who briefed the incident behind closed doorways on 29 July to the decide. Prosecutor Caroline Rees QC stated it was all a part of an elaborate cover-up concocted by Ms. Williamson, her accomplice John Cole and a 14-year-old youth. Prosecutor Caroline Rees QC stated Williamson rang 999 to report her son lacking and launched into a “shameful” act of pretending to be shocked and distraught.

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