The 10 celebs who are obsessed about their dogs

Dogs are charming, that’s what everybody knows — including celebs. And when a celeb is likewise a creature darling, something doesn’t add up about that characteristic that makes them considerably more engaging. These stars demonstrate that they’ve crossed the line of infatuation and into the fixation region. Truly, however, who can fault them?

Kylie Jenner

It appears to be the magnificence big shot and reality star can’t get enough of Italian Greyhounds and other Daschund blends. Throughout the long term, Jenner has posted endless pics with her nine puppies, including the newest part to her family (and, no, we’re not discussing child No. 2). Kevin, one more Italian Greyhound, joined the Jenner fam in mid-2021.

Gabrielle union

union’s white Yorkshire Terrier, Bobby Hurley, completely challenged the chances and vanquished doggie malignant growth so if she has any desire to take him wherever she goes, it’s understandable. She likewise has a white Pit Bull named Pink.

Lisa Vanderpump

Giggy, complete name Companion Vanderpump-Todd, was just about as spoiled as they got, what with his fashioner duds and virtual entertainment accounts; also he’d endorsed with the renowned Innovative Specialists Organization. Unfortunately, Giggy kicked the bucket in 2020, and Vanderpump put out an announcement acknowledging her fuzzy sidekick as the motivation behind her Vanderpump Canine Establishment and her new series, Vanderpump Dogs.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Gyllenhaal and his salvage, Atticus Finch (named after one of To Kill a Mockingbird’s focal characters), make for the ideal messy couple. Look at these other celebs who very closely resemble their pets. (That is a commendation, Jake.)

Amy Schumer

Schumer and Chris Fischer’s delightful child, Quality, won’t prevent them from taking a comfortable walk around canine Tati. Not assuming Tati had something to bark about it.

Joe Jonas

Not certain on the off chance that this is Porky or Waldo, since the sibling puppies are essentially twins, yet the adorableness of this little man is sufficient to occupy us from Joe’s ‘stache.

Justin Theroux

Theroux obviously can’t get enough of his salvage canine, Kuma. Here, they’re captured sharing a piece of spaghetti à la the exemplary scene from Disney’s Lady and the Drifter. The entertainer even as of late made an Instagram represent his closest friend.

Andy Cohen

Not certain who looks less glad to see the paparazzo taking their pic — Cohen or Wacha. That canine sideeye is genuine.

Katharine McPhee

Music executive David Encourage’s better half, American Icon alum, Katharine McPhee, is many times seen hauling around her sweet Chihuahua, Wilmer, because no difference either way.

Henry Cavill

Superman’s dearest companion is an American Akita named Kal. As each Cavill fan knows, the English entertainer and his little guy are indistinguishable. Try not to trust us? Take a fast look at his Instagram account. Cavill has even been known to take Kal to The Witcher set over and over.

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