Top 5 dog names chosen by celebrities

It is genuinely astonishing the way that individuals think of entertaining monikers for their pets. The name they choose always has a special significance whether it’s from a cherished memory, a number one from youth, or a great extraordinary occasion. The tricky SOBs that are claimed by celebrities seem to especially be labeled with wild titles to genuinely make them stand out over the rest, just like their honorary pathway strutting two-legged guardians.

The following are the main 5 celebrity dogs that we thought conveyed some of the most interesting names and backstories. These names genuinely give a special insight into either a covered-up or totally obvious quality about the dog itself or its proprietor. With so numerous unusual celebrity dog names and the tales of how they came to be in the star-studded world, it was difficult to limit it down to five yet we did. Look at it!

Top 5 Celebrity Dog Names (in no specific request)


Customarily a level unleavened Jewish bread, it is also the name of Adam Sandler’s dog. As some of you might be aware, Mister Sandler was naturally introduced to a Jewish family, making this a sharp name with family ties for the newest individual from the Sandler tribe. Sadly, Sandler’s previous dog “Meatball” passed away in 2006, after he had spent numerous years by the side of his reliable proprietor.


When President Obama gave his political race speech, he promised his two girls a doggy when they moved to the White House. He kept his promises on Easter Sunday of 2009 when Senator Ted Kennedy gifted the Obamas with a six-month-old Portuguese Water Dog. The skilled dog came following quite a while of speculation and the uncommon variety was chosen to a limited extent because of Malia Obama’s allergies and subsequently her requirement for a hypoallergenic breed. They later named the sweet fluffer BO, standing for, in all honesty, President Barack Obama himself.


Even though in previous years Selma Blair has been insanely busy with blockbuster movies alongside a rigorous schedule acting in various Nonmainstream movies, she still finds an opportunity to spend with her one-looked-at sweetheart of a dog named Wink (such a fitting name)! She embraced Wink from a non-benefit rescue association that she volunteers for in her spare energy in LA. At the point when strangers stop and stare and ask her how her hooray little dog lost his right eye, Blair told ‘Details Magazine’ that she gets a remove from making up silly stories.


Mickey Rourke genuinely cherished his savage Chihuahua Loki, named after the Nordic God who was known as a ‘shape shifter’ in folklore. Mickey and his dog shared an obvious genuine association. Sadly, she passed away in 2009, living a courageous 17 years. He credits his ally for aiding him through some of the roughest times in his day-to-day existence, through film industry failures and his struggles with compulsion. “I might want to thank every one of my dogs, the ones who are here and the ones who aren’t here any longer… Sometimes, when a man is distant from everyone else, that is all you got is your dog. And they’ve meant everything to me,” he told the Day to day News.


Ryan Gosling loves his dog George, and he takes his small scale with him any place he goes. As seen on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Ryan gave his dog a mohawk because he’s just not as easy-going when he’s not wearing the spike-haired underground rock look. His dog is considered to be a “Heinz” breed, however, most individuals call dogs like this “Mutts”, Ryan likes to allude to his as a Muppet.

So yes, we as a whole realize that there are some extremely eccentric, strange, and interesting dog names out there, yet these are the best 5 celebrity dog names that truly paw-printed our hearts. Just recall, your dog doesn’t need to walk an honorary pathway or show up on a late-night syndicated program to be a hero dog! On the off chance that you have something fun and eccentric to share about your little superstar, remark and share beneath or track down us on Facebook and send us a photograph and a little wooftastic love!

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