Top 5 female celebrities who love horses

Female celebrities are prestigious for being delightful, booked and busy and you wouldn’t figure they would have a lot of opportunities to fit in horse riding. These females, nonetheless, don’t allow their work to impede their passion for horses and some of them even choose to integrate horses into their work! We’ve gathered a list of ten female celebrities that you presumably didn’t know were horse riding enthusiasts.


The incredible Sovereign of Pop is an enormous admirer of horses and has been known to ride horses for quite a long time. Madge’s adoration for horses has also landed her in two or three precarious situations. The most famous episode was the point at which she was gifted a lovely horse for her 47th birthday celebration however was lost in the span of a moment of getting on and broke 8 bones, not getting on one more horse for a considerable length of time a while later. All the more as of late, she was entangled in succession with Portuguese authorities over not being permitted to bring a horse into a castle for a music video. Still, her affection for these majestic creatures is outstanding, and she has shown her adoration strikingly during her Confessions Visit (2006), and in her 2019 music for “Medellín” where she is tracked down riding through the wilderness to her wedding to her teammate on the track Maluma. I trust her horse is fast…


Everyones most loved Spice Young lady (indeed, basically ours) has an adoration for everything equestrian, and has passed her affection for stallions onto her little girl Harper, her sons Cruz, Brooklyn, and Romeo, and even her hubby David. The Beckhams have been spotted all over town horse riding in LA as well as Italy in upmarket equestrian centers. The singer-turned-fashion-designer frequently shares charming snaps reporting her family’s affection for horse riding on her Instagram stories, giving us an insight into quite possibly of the most famous family on the planet and showing that Posh Spice truly does have a softer side.


“I’m just a young lady, standing before a horse… ” I think the line goes right? In any case, Superstar Julia Roberts is a notable for her passion for horses and even owns her own farm in Taos, New Mexico! This isn’t a surprise considering she has been barrel hustling very early on which is pretty badass. She also recorded an astonishing narrative you should watch on the off chance that you’re a horse darling where she travels to Mongolia (where the main genuine wild horses left on the planet are found) and documents how the itinerant individuals, who live on the plains of this Asian nation, rely upon these creatures for milk, transportation and for dashing, which is implanted in this country’s way of life and history. She can also be seen dashing ceaselessly in an all out wedding dress in the film Runaway Lady of the Hour that she starred in with Richard Gere. Somebody snatch the popcorn!


Kim Kardashian is not someone you would hope to have a passion for horse riding, however, the truth star has truly grown an affection for these creatures, passing on this affection along to her kids North and Chicago.

Her husband Kanye West really purchased a 5,000 section of land farm in Wyoming as of late where the family like to ride their horses and get some training in. Kim has also shown her affection for horses in her business ventures where she highlighted on horseback on a lovely white horse in a promotion for her excellence line KKW Magnificence.


When she’s not found on the highest rated spot, the American superstar has been known to be tracked down on top of a horse! In the event that she’s not dressed up to the nines in vanguard high fashion outfits and transcending heels, Lady Gaga prefers to toss on a couple of leggings and trainers and take a ride on her dearest horse Arabella, whom she was gifted as a Christmas present from her record name. In a meeting with V Magazine, Gaga said that having a horse completely changed her and that when she was gifted Arabella, she realized nothing about horses except for chose to try it out and “got her by the mane and rode her sans protection.” Gaga was in many cases seen riding Arabella around Malibu and chose in 2016 to get her a sweetheart which she named Trigger, prompting them having two foals together named Gracie and Sandy. Sadly, Arabella kicked the bucket recently with Gaga leaving the Critics Decision Awards ahead of schedule to rush to be close by. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

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