Top 6 Best Auto Accident Attorneys in the US

If you had an accident, having the best automobile accident attorney is important. Accidents are unfortunate events that anyone might witness whenever. Vehicle accidents are among the most common adverse situations and the highest risk of death. Around 35% of car accidents which had fatalities to lament were connected with alcohol consumption. The worst-case scenario is a casualty, but there are numerous other incidents, from a scratch to a sprained neck. It is always convenient to know who you can call in this case.

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1. Console Hollawell

Console Hollawell is a dependable firm with more than 20 years of experience. Their success rate is close to perfect. A 97%console-hollawell2win or good settlements make this automobile accident law firm an excellent option. They deal with their client’s legitimate problems to get them proper compensation. They have four convenient locations on the northern side of the USA which go with them a suitable decision for those who live in Jersey or Philly. The firm is specialized in the New Jersey region. There are specific laws to regulate traffic and car accidents in Jersey, similar to the auto insurance and comparative negligence laws. If you are not comfortable with these local legislations, this could get you on a complex path. Furthermore, you can get a meeting on your case for nothing.

2. Jahrmarkt and Associates

In the Los Angeles region, search for John Jahrmarkt, the auto accident lawyer. His firm is specialized in the most typical case: slip and fall claims. You could engage in this kind of accident at public places such as shopping malls, restaurants, and markets. Jahrmarkt and Associates stress that they research everything, Starting from police reports to witnesses, and if accessible, any videos of the accident.

3. Price Benowitz

The best car accident attorneys in Washington DC. Price Benowitz firm has expansive experience in the backside, head-on collisions, quick in and out, rollover car accidents, and car accidents that involve senior people. In most cases, they seek compensation for injuries. The lawyers take as much time as is needed to investigate the accidents in depth.

4. The Martin Law Firm

Steven E. Martin, the founder of the firm, is specialized in commercial trucking accidents. Roads and highways from Alabama to Florida have a substantial number of accidents involving trucks; fatalities are high. Commercial truck accidents are usually caused by careless way of behaving by the driver. The most common underlying drivers are speeding, over-burden trucks, drugs or alcohol, poor maintenance, inadequate training, and driver fatigue. Attorneys of Martin Law Firm research the cause of their clients’ accidents; if it is any of the above reasons, the obligation will be clearly stated and payments will apply.

5. Dickerson Oxton

In Kansas, you can search for the Dickerson Oxton Law Firm. Thomas and Chelsea Dickerson, a wedded couple, established it in 2010 to represent the injury victims. Three years prior, Thomas and Chelsea figured out how to solve an enormous insurance dispute in a complex case; this resulted in paying more than 7 million dollars in an insurance dispute. The firm founders have expressed their awareness of the loss and pain their customers experience and for that, they treat them in the best possible way. Despite being a small firm, they always operate under a contingency expense model.

6. Curtis Bostic

Curtis Bostic has been working as an auto accident lawyer in Charleston and its vicinity for north than 20 years. Presently he leads Bostic Law Group which handles car accident cases. He has also served on Charleston County Council notwithstanding an extensive list of committees and councils. They display, on the firm’s website, that the compensation for auto accidents they figured out how to get for their clients reached over 1,000,000 dollars; adding motorcycle and truck accidents, it reaches almost 4 million dollars. These impressive numbers surely back up their experience.

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