Top 7 Car Insurance Companies in Canada

Purchasing car insurance from the best car insurance company in Canada is a must for Canadians. The best company offers better customer service and has an excellent capacity to pay claims. You can consider one of the following top 10 car insurance companies in Canada to find the best one.

These car insurance companies are exceptionally experienced in the business. Moreover, they have excellent financial strength so you don’t need to stress over unpaid cases if you purchase car insurance from them. Likewise, these companies get high ratings on customer fulfillment service.

1. CAA

One of the best car insurance companies in Canada is CAA or Canadian Automobile Affiliation. CAA is a not-for-profit association that comprises several clubs. Moreover, this insurer has over 6.5 million members throughout Canada.

CAA offers various benefits to its members. Some benefits you get when you become a CAA member are various car insurance discounts and free roadside assistance. Therefore, these benefits will lower your coverage cost.

2. Co-Operators Insurance

Co-Operators Insurance is one of the top 7 accident protection companies in Canada that you can trust. This insurance company has over 70 years of experience in providing financial protection for Canadian drivers.

Moreover, this car insurance company’s areas of strength flaunt health and excellent customer service. Co-Operators Insurance likewise offers various types of car insurance coverage, e.g., outsider obligation coverage, comprehensive coverage, all-perils coverage, and collision coverage.

3. Economical Mutual

Economical Mutual gets comparative ratings to Co-Operators Insurance, i.e., 4.5 out of 5. Economical Mutual is one of the top 7 car insurance companies in Canada that has a very lengthy history in the business, which dates back to 1817.

As a well-established car insurance company, Economical Mutual has excellent financial strength. Moreover, this company likewise sells a wide cluster of car insurance coverage types and car insurance additional items.

4. Aviva Canada Insurance

One of Canada’s top 7 insurance companies you must consider is Aviva Canada Insurance. This insurance company provides numerous choices of car insurance coverage nationwide. Moreover, it even offers special coverage for Lyft and Uber drivers in Ontario.

Compared to the other three car insurance companies above, Aviva gives fewer discounts for policyholders, including retiree, bundling, multiple-vehicle, and clean driving discounts. However, its car insurance rates are reasonably affordable.

5. Intact Insurance

Intact Insurance is another excellent car insurance company in Canada. This well-respected company offers a unique service, i.e., a 30-minute case guarantee. Therefore, you can receive your case immediately after a car accident on the off chance that you have car insurance from Intact Insurance.

Likewise, Intact Insurance additionally sells its car insurance policies at affordable prices. This company likewise permits you to pay for your choice of deductible. However, it just gives policyholders three discounts, i.e., cross-breed car, bundling, and safe driving discounts.

6. Belairdirect Insurance

Belairdirect Insurance is a well-established company that has over 60 years of experience in the industry. Car insurance products from Belairdirect are available in 8 provinces, for example, Nova Scotia, English Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick.

You can purchase those car insurance products at relatively affordable prices. Also, you might install the insurance app from Belairdirect to manage cases and coverage. Through this app, you can likewise get safe driving discounts.

7. Desjardins Insurance

Desjardins Insurance is one of the insurance companies in Canada that have high ratings of customer fulfillment. This company sells various types of car insurance coverage for drivers living in Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta.

Furthermore, Desjardins Insurance additionally gives many discounts to policyholders. Some of these discounts are winter tire, student, bundling insurance, and garage parking discounts. Therefore, you can fundamentally lower your car insurance coverage assuming that you have Desjardins Insurance.

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