Top 7 unlikely celebrity pets you should know about

We as a whole have our #1 celebrities, correct? We know their movies, their songs, and their most famous paintings, however, their pets are another story.

With regards to the pets of the rich and famous, be that as it may, it goes a long way past Marilyn Munroe’s Poodle or Jackie Kennedy’s Irish Wolf Dog.

We’ve done a touch of digging and discovered some of the strange, the striking, and the most unconventional — the most impossible celebrity pets of the past and the present.

To be honest, did you see any of these coming?

Elvis Presley and his pet kangaroo

In 1957 Elvis’ representative, Lee Gordon gave the youthful pop sensation a kangaroo as a gift. Elvis attempted to prepare his room, yet in the wake of neglecting to get a grasp of Australian fauna ownership, he handed it over to the Memphis Zoo.

Paris Hilton and her pet kinkajou

Paris, similar to every single Hollywood socialite, is known for her taste in exotic and exceptionally spoiled pets. Back in 2006, Paris’ pet kinkajou allegedly chomped her whilst the two were playing. After a short hospital visit, Paris was considered fit for the obligation.

Salvador Dali and his pet anteater

The ‘Father of Surrealism’, Salvador Dali possessed a South American goliath insect eating an animal for various years as a pet. The Spanish unpredictable Dali was known to go for his anteater strolls in broad daylight, remembering the streets of Paris.

George Clooney and his pot belly pig

George Clooney possessed an exceptionally handsome pot-belly pig named Max. Max never walked out on Clooney and, as per ex-Elizabeth every day, Clooney cherished Max to the point that he showed no interest in having his kids. Have hardly any familiarity with you, yet we think our pets are our kids.

Tippi Hedren and her pet lion

Actress Tippi Hedren kept a lion as a family pet during the 1970s which resulted in various brushes with death for her relatives (counting girl Melanie Griffiths). She presently admits that it was a ‘stupid thing to do’.

Justin Bieber and his pet monkey

Justin Bieber is known for his huge status symbols and claiming his special monkey presumably beat the list. He was pulled up by German customs in 2013 for not having the right administrative work. Mally, the monkey, was seized.

Reese Witherspoon and her pet jackass

In 2010 creature darling Reese Witherspoon got a couple of donkeys and named them Honky and Tonky. Albeit cute, Witherspoon wound up with beyond anything she expected – her neighbors have been whining about the noise.

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