Top 7 weirdest pets owned by celebrities

They say a dog is man’s best companion, however, these famous pet people will more often than not disagree. They most likely think dogs are far and away too mainstream. From George Clooney’s dependable four-legged companion to Teddy Roosevelt’s anarchy-causing zoological garden, these eccentric pets will undoubtedly cause you to appreciate the sacred connection between man and beast. So move over, Fido, because here come the 7 Oddest Celebrity Pets.

Tycho Brahe’s Moose

Sixteenth-century astronomer Tycho Brahe should’ve consulted the stars. Perhaps assuming he did, he might have anticipated the lamentable passing of his pet moose. Brahe let his moose run free at parties and consequently, it drank more liquor than the humans in participation. One evening, the moose drank so much brew that it became intoxicated and tumbled down the stairs to its demise.

Nicolas Enclosure’s Octopus

Notwithstanding his cobras, Nicolas Enclosure also claimed an octopus. He guaranteed that observing animals that are so not the same as humans assisted him with fostering his acting skills. Tragically, Enclosure needed to offer his 8-legged companion after his intricate spending prompted monetary problems.

Charlie Sheen’s Chinese Water Dragon

With regards to pets, Charlie Sheen is “winning.” The insane entertainer once possessed a Chinese water dragon, which he named Container Jr. The creature passed on from disregard, similar to several different pets that have kicked the bucket under Sheen’s watch.

Steven Tyler’s Raccoon

Raccoons have gotten negative criticism, however, Steven Tyler knows better compared to trust all the promotions. The stone legend told David Letterman that he goes fishing with his pet raccoon on his shoulder consistently. Despite the crazy raccoons that assault individuals in movies, domesticated raccoons can be purchased legitimately, litter box prepared, and are said to be as cordial as dogs.

Nicole Kidman’s Alpacas

What do Nicole Kidman and her alpacas share practically speaking? Their wonderful long eyelashes. Kidman and her husband Keith Metropolitan love raising the llama-like creatures on their homestead in Nashville. The actress said she was at first attracted to them because of their delightful long necks and eyelashes, yet she developed to cherish them more because of their delicate nature.

Mike Tyson’s Pigeons

Once upon a time, he was a ferocious fighter who gnawed off someone’s ear, however nowadays Mike Tyson has another side interest – pigeon hustling. Tyson started gathering small numbers of pigeons even before his boxing days. His assortment developed after he resigned from the boxing scene. He presently owns thousands of domesticated pigeons. He says he considers his side interest to be remedial and even employed a pigeon mentor to assist him with improving his abilities.

Leonardo Dicaprio’s Tortoise

Leonardo Dicaprio wouldn’t fret taking things slow. In 2010, the entertainer purchased a 38-pound Sulcata tortoise at a reptile breeders’ meeting for $400. Experts say the tortoise can develop to weigh 200 pounds and live for a very long time. That is quite a while to contemplate whether the finish of Beginning was a fantasy.

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