Video Reveals The Final Moments Of Ukrainian Guards Situated On Snake Island

The now-viral video reveals the Russian warships asking the guards to put down arms and give up earlier than getting shut down by the Ukrainian guards.

Conflict brings out each cowards and heroes contained in the individuals concerned. One such case of braveness and heroism was noticed within the Russian-Ukraine battle when 13 troopers laid down their lives on the expense of not compromising their rules with the enemy. In accordance with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the incident on Snake Island resulted within the dying of all 13 Ukrainian troopers who had been stationed on the primary day of battle on the nation’s Snake Island.

What occurred on Snake Island?

The occasion of Snake Island is now immortalized perpetually within the digital panorama because it was recorded and is now viral amongst the world with nearly everybody praising these troopers as courageous martyrs after refusing to surrender the Island and give up to the invading Russian warships. The troopers recorded themselves speaking about projectiles slamming into stones and the enemy’s location off the shore of Snake Island, close to Odesa, within the Black Sea, in response to the footage. The audio of radio transmission between the warship and the troopers was launched on-line wherein, the Russian warship requested the troopers to “quit and give up to keep away from pointless bloodshed” to which the troopers replied with “Russian warship, go fuck your self”. The warship fired projectiles at them after this killing all of them within the course of. 

Response On-line to the Snake Island clip:

The world at giant has praised Ukraine because the battle began for holding its floor and combating for its land and other people. This video simply reaffirmed individuals’s praises for the spirit with which the residents and troopers of Ukraine are opposing the tyranny of Russia. The clip has acquired a variety of views with individuals calling these troopers the martyrs that shall not be forgotten anytime quickly from the historical past books.

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