Mike Tomlin says Steelers sticking with Mitch Trubisky

After 30 minutes of play on Thursday night, it appeared that Mitch Trubisky was on his way to silencing everyone who has been clamoring

for Kenny Pickett to succeed him as the Steelers' starting quarterback.

But after a lackluster second half for Pittsburgh's offense, the question as to whom should be the starter lives on.

Following the 29-17 loss to the Browns, Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin was asked if he would consider making

making any significant changes over the following days, including at the quarterback position.

"I'm not in that mindset," Tomlin said. "I'm interested in reviewing this tape and looking at the totality of it and figuring out

how we collectively get better. So, the answer to that question is definitively no."

While it didn't result in a win, Trubisky had his best performance to date as Steelers quarterback.

He topped 200 passing yards for the first time (officially throwing for 207 yards on 20 of 32 passing)