Top 4 celebrities who are passionate about horses

Numerous celebrities appreciate hobbies outside of their careers and some of them that are riding horses. We are sharing a list of 4 male celebrities who ride horses. Whether their affection for horses started from a film they starred in or has been a long-lasting passion, these celebrities are eager equestrians.

Some of these famous individuals are outspoken about their affection for horses, whereas others might shock you. For every one of them, horses have been a significant piece of their lives.

The following are 4 male celebrities who love horses:

1. Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen is most known for his roles in Hidalgo and the Ruler of the Rings series. Not exclusively were these roles huge for Mortensen’s profession, however, he came to claim three horses from these films.

In the wake of shooting Hidalgo, Viggo Mortensen purchased the Paint stallion RH Tecontender “TJ” from the set. TJ was one of the horses used to portray Hidalgo during recording and his brilliant personality left a lasting effect on his human co-star.

Viggo Mortensen was impressed by TJ’s innate capacity to act and that he was so easy to work with so he purchased the delightful stallion. He even came to the Hidalgo film chief on board his darling TJ.

During his time shooting Master of the Rings, Mortenson rode two horses, an inlet Dutch Warmblood named Uraeus and a chestnut named Kenny.

Viggo Mortensen rode both these horses during the movies, fostering a close association with both of them.

After recording he purchased his two equine co-stars, who proceeded to live with a vet in New Zealand, with Viggo visiting them much of the time.

2. William Shatner

William Shatner is notable for his famous job as Skipper James T. Kirk in the Star Trip series. Outside his acting vocation, he has been dynamic in the horse industry for a long time.

Shatner has been a proprietor and exhibitor of Saddlebreds, Quarter Horses, and Standardbreds. In 2001 he wedded horse coach Elizabeth Anderson Martin, with the two splitting their time between their Saddlebred ranch, Belle Reve, in Kentucky, and their Quarter Horse ranch in Los Angeles.

Shatner has shown horses in reining, western pleasure, five-gaited, fine harness, and roadster to bicycle divisions.

He has brought home different big showdowns at the Kentucky State Fair Big Showdown Horse Show in fine harness and roadster to respectively bicycle divisions with his Saddlebreds and Standardbreds.

In 2018, Shatner got the NRHA (Public Reining Horse Association) Dale Wilkinson Lifetime Accomplishment Grant.

3. Morgan Freeman

As perhaps of the most unmistakable voice in Hollywood, Morgan Freeman has had an unimaginable vocation as an entertainer. Outside of acting, he has viewed horses as a loosening up break from the pressures of show business.

Freeman started riding when he was just a youngster, where he rode horses in ranch fields close to his home in Mississippi. At the point when he was 19, he rode a companion’s horse, Socks, who assisted him with acquiring trust in the saddle. During his part in Robin Hood, Ruler of Thieves, he rode an Andalusian named Wrath, who he says showed him lowliness in the saddle.

At the point when family matters took Freeman back to Mississippi, he purchased a 124-section of land farm and his first horse, a Quarter Horse, Sable. By 2004, he was the proprietor of seven horses on his farm. Today, he is still an energetic horse darling.

4. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has been the star of many hit films, including numerous roles where he rode horses. Outside of his acting, horses have also been a piece of Depp’s life, as he has ridden for a long time.

After starring in Sleepy Empty, Depp purchased his equine co-star as the one-looked-at horse was set to put after the film. Later in his vocation while recording The Solitary Officer, Depp almost got stomped on by the horse he was riding.

After a tack breakdown, Depp slid off his dashing horse and was almost run over, yet luckily, he was OK.

For a long time, Depp was the proprietor of a completely running horse ranch in Kentucky. The homestead, which is known as Betty Sue’s Family Ranch after his late mother, includes three barns and 10 paddocks. Depp, who was brought into the world in Kentucky, has profound ties with the state.

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